Technological innovation in the field of materials is driven by the identification of new needs for special materials. The history of materials may have begun with stone and wood, growing to metals-natural, synthetic, hybrids and others. Humanity’s needs have led to the production of fibres, textiles, sheets, composites, smart materials and a variety of forms from these materials. Stronger and lighter synthetic fibres may have pushed natural fibres to the fringes but natural fibres and their composites are enjoying a resurgence of interest. This is due both to their green credentials and to the growing awareness that, as petroleum becomes ever scarcer and more expensive, the production of synthetic fibres becomes less of a favourable option. Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites: From Macro to Nanoscale, by Sabu Thomas and Laly A. Pothan, brings together leading researchers who are pioneers in the development of new technologies, processes and solutions based upon in various aspects of natural fiber composites.