Maurice Margenstern’s (University Paul Verlaine, Metz) Cellular Automata in Hyperbolic Spaces, Volume II: Implemantation and Computations, advances the novel results presented in his Cellular Automata in Hyperbolic Spaces, Volume I: Theory (2007) on a location of tiles in many tilings of the hyperbolic plane. These results are applied in further studies of cellular automata in non-traditional spaces. Margenstern discusses a wide range of applications from cell phones to the theoretical problems of tilings, skillfully hybridizing two different domains of geometry and computation in a way beneficial for mathematics, computer science and engineering.

Cellular Automata with Memory, by Ramon AIonso-Sanz (Polytechnic University of Madrid), demonstrates that cellular automata with memory are not only priceless tools for modelling of natural phenomena but unique mathematical and aestethic objects. Cellular Automata with Memory revolutionizes the conventional view on cellular automaton evolution by allowing cells to update their states by looking at past states of their neighbors and analyzes the effect of memory on a wide range of spatialized discrete dynamical systems scenarios.

Series editor: Andy Adamatzky, University of the West of England