Northern Liberties Press, an Old City Publishing imprint, is pleased to announce the publication of  Cost of Revolution: The Life and Death of an Irish Soldier, published in partnership with the Museum of the American Revolution.

Cover image of the book "Cost of the Revolution"Written by Matthew Skic, Associate Curator of the museum, Cost of Revolution tells the story of Richard Mansergh St. George, a name found in few histories of the American Revolution. Yet, the dramatic journey of this artistic Irish officer in the British Army is one of the most visually rich stories of a person who was not a statesman, a nobleman, or a high ranking military officer during the Revolutionary era. Presented together for the first time in this book are the 22 surviving works of art, now spread out across the globe, that Richard Mansergh St. George is known to have posed for, created, or helped create.

When considered together, this art documents a 20-year period in St. George’s life in which he fought against two revolutions—one in America and another in Ireland—losing his health and ultimately his life in the process. The art St. George left behind allows us to face the personal cost of revolution and discover the entangled histories of the American Revolution of 1776 and the Irish Revolution of 1798.

The artwork included in this publication is on view September 18, 2019-March 17, 2020 in the Museum’s special exhibition, Cost of Revolution: The Life and Death of an Irish Soldier.

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Dimensions: 7″w x 9.5″H
135 pages