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p. 3
Sabbaths 2007
Wendell Berry

p. 7
The Unarrestable Development of Sharon Olds
Tony Hoagland

p. 10
Women Walking & Other Poems
Ellen Bass

p. 12
Accidental Dismemberment & Other Poems
Lucia Perillo

p. 15
Eating the Pig & To a Waterfowl
Donald Hall

p. 17
The Last Knock Knock
Donald Hall
A Column

p. 19
Peach & All Objects Reveal Something About the Body
Catie Rosemurgy

p. 20
soldier’s girl & Other Poems
Camille Dungy

p. 22
Early Rooms
Jane Hirshfield
In the Studio

p. 25
To Know the Invisible & Other Poems
An Interview with Chard deNiord
Jack Gilbert
A Special APR Supplement

p. 31
Get Me Some Dinner & Other Poems
Matthew Lippman

p. 33
Myriad Minded: The Poetry of Robert Pinsky
Barry Goldensohn

p. 37
Deeply Psychological & Other Poems
Rebecca Wolff

p. 38
Frame & Other Poems
Jeffrey Skinner

p. 41
French Interlude & The Rose and the Reseda
Louis Aragon, translated by Kurt Brown and Laure-Anne Bosselaar

p. 43
Bert Stern

p. 45
Little Disintegration & Evidence Twenty
William Stobb

p. 46
Poem to Your Wound & This Deathy World
Julianna Baggott

p. 47
Metonymy, the Neglected (But Necessary) Trope
Natasha Sajé

p. 52
Speaking of Poetry
Stanley Kunitz