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p. 3
Blood, Sister
Sasha Pimentel Chacón

p. 5
Dickinson’s Stories
Michael Ryan

p. 7
In the Matter of Human v. Bee & Other Poems
Sherman Alexie

p. 11
“Though I Would Have Saved Them If I Could”: On Capaciousness
David Wojahn

p. 19
My Father Full of Light & Nervous System
Michael Dickman

p. 21
Hold & Other Poems
Sarah Vap

p. 23
Poems from Sonata Mulattica
Rita Dove

p. 27
Allen Ginsberg & Notes on Language and Meaning
Campbell McGrath

p. 28
Ars Poetica
Christopher Buckley
In the Studio

p. 31
Poets at Lunch & Other Poems
Stanley Moss
A Special APR Supplement

p. 36
“The Human Condition” & Other Poems
Albert Goldbarth

p. 39
Poetry & Mysticism
Doreen Gildroy
A Column

p. 47
“Poor Britney Spears” & Other Poems
Tony Hoagland

p. 50
Drug Store & Other Poems
Carl Dennis

p. 52
Cell Door & Deviation Insures Failure
Rob Talbert

p. 53
Camping with Strangers
Jenny Browne

p. 54
In the Cutting Room & Other Poems
C. Dale Young

p. 56
Paisley Rekdal

p. 57
Out past the dead end sign
Carl Adamshick

p. 61
Mexico: A Core Sample through 24 Hours
Forrest Gander

p. 64
Dear New Mothers of America
Adrian Blevins