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p. 3
nine frags
Gary Snyder

p. 5
A Leap of Words to Things—Gary Snyder’s Riprap
David Rivard

p. 10
Sand, Music & Other Poems
Meena Alexander

p. 11
The Sacrifice
Eric Pankey

p. 12
Durum & The Hardware of Poetry
John Olson

p. 13
God-Step at the Margins of Thought
Melissa Kwasny

p. 19
Four Improvisations on Ursa Corregidora & Other Poems
Gregory Pardlo

p. 21
Craft, Nostalgia, & Isolation
Cynthia Cruz
In the Studio

p. 22
Off Season & Other Poems
Sara Michas-Martin

p. 23
History of Mankind & Other Poems from “Matriot Acts (a suite)”
Anne Waldman
A Special APR Supplement

p. 27
Off the Hook Ode & Other Poems
Dean Young

p. 29
The Dean Young Effect
Tony Hoagland

p. 34
Eidolon & Other Poems
Sally Ball

p. 35
Megan Harlan

p. 36
Sun on the Ceiling (Au soleil du plafond)
Pierre Reverdy, translated by Dan Bellm

p. 38
The Women of Mt. Pleasant A.M.E. Visit the Saint
Afaa Michael Weaver

p. 40
Mother’s Love
Joy Katz

p. 42
Pull Over
Clay Matthews

p. 43
An Interview with Grace Cavalieri
Kay Ryan

p. 48
Edward Hirsch