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p. 3
Understory & Other Poems
Robin Becker

p. 7
Lost Key & Other Poems
Stanley Plumly

p. 11
In Translation: A Sampler
John Felstiner

p. 19
Some Had Lunch & Other Poems
John Ashbery

p. 21
Attenti Agli Zingari
Daisy Fried

p. 24
Arbor for Butch
Terrance Hayes

p. 27
This New and Difficult Land
Dara Wier

p. 29
The Practice
William Carlos Williams

A Science of Subjectivity
Christian C. Thompson

Dr. Williams
Robert Lowell
A Special APR Supplement

p. 37
Somewhere Between Male and Female & Other Poems
Joy Ladin

p. 40
Star & Other Poems
Louis McKee

p. 43
Here Be Monsters & Tractor, Riveter
Colin Cheney

p. 45
Empty Sky
Alan Williamson

p. 48
Envoi & Other Poems
Elaine Equi

p. 51
Haunted (Halloween Week ’08) & Clean
Tom Clark

p. 52
Natural Happiness & Other Poems
Juan Antonio González-Iglesias, translated by Curtis Bauer

p. 55
Swinging Through the Years—Elizabeth Bishop and “The End of March”
Joelle Biele

p. 64
What You Wait For
Sophie Cabot Black