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p. 3
Goodnight Irene & Other Poems
Mary Ruefle

p. 6
Letter Poem to Kenneth Koch & Other Poems
James Schuyler

p. 9
Hart Crane’s Monsoon: A Reading of White Buildings
Laurence Lieberman
On First Books

p. 18
Twin Peaks & Rings
Elaine Bleakney

p. 19
Pantoum Primeval
Bridget Carson

p. 20
Four Poems in Memory of Sarah Hannah (1966–2007)
Teresa Leo

p. 22
Winter in Edinburgh & Other Poems
Edward Hirsch

p. 24
Ecstatic Émigré III
Claudia Keelan
A Column

p. 27
The Sequence of the Night & Catfish
Michael McGriff

p. 29
In Memoriam & Other Poems
Hayden Carruth

p. 31
One of Us: The Poetry of Hayden Carruth
Ted Solotaroff

p. 33
Stephen Dobyns
A Special APR Supplement

p. 35
Culte du Moi & Other Poems
Gillian Conoley

p. 37
The Nunnery
Jennifer Grotz

p. 38
The Taste of Apple & Other Poems
Maxine Kumin

p. 39
Maxine Kumin: An Interview with Chard deNiord

p. 46
Still, Again
C. K. Williams

p. 48
Seeing a Tan Woman’s Face, Late Winter
Curtis Bauer

p. 49
Under the Red, Rain, and White
Peter Jay Shippy

p. 52
The Little Prison
Idra Novey

p. 54
The Visitation
Dante Micheaux

p. 55
Passaic River Journal
Mark Hillringhouse

p. 60
Dear Shams
Kazim Ali