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p. 4
The Beach in August & Other Poems
Weldon Kees

p. 6
Thirteen Poems
Michael Glück, translated by Rosanna Warren

p. 8
Timing & Other Poems
Dorianne Laux

p. 11
Reginald Gibbons
A Column

p. 17
Yours, Lena & Other Poems
Ellen Doré Watson

p. 18
Ash Wednesday & Other Poems
Tim Dlugos

p. 21
Standing Room Only
Matthew Lippman
In the Studio

On Weldon Kees
Christopher Buckley, James Reidel, Morton Marcus, Joseph Brodsky, David Fenza, Pete Hamill, Kate Northrop, Mark Jarman, & Marianne Boruch
A Special APR Supplement

p. 36
Gracehoper & Other Poems
Peter Waldor

p. 38
In Dispraise of Heat & Christmas Towns
Erika Meitner

p. 39
Premonition & Night Watch
James Allen Hall

p. 40
Counting Sheep & Other Poems
David Romtvedt

p. 41
The Purpose of Poetry
Fleda Brown

p. 42
Todas las Puertas
Jacqueline Osherow

p. 47
Cathedral & Other Poems
Henrik Nordbrandt, translated by Patrick Phillips

p. 48
Thank You for Dying with Us
Melissa Hotchkiss

p. 49
Compulsive Organizer & Other Poems
Ruth Stone

p. 49
An Interview with Chard deNiord
Ruth Stone

p. 56
Ellen Bass