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p. 5
“My Pace Provokes My Thoughts”: Poetry & Walking
Edward Hirsch

p. 12
Mechanical Bull & Other Poems
Joanne Dominique Dwyer

p. 14
Dunes & Other Poems
Kate Northrop

p. 15
Art and Ownership—On Lewis Hyde’s Common as Air Books
Fred Brandfon

p. 20
The Fall & Other Poems
Bianca Tarozzi, translated by Alan Williamson & Jeanne Foster

p. 22
Religion & Other Poems
William Heyen

p. 23
The Light in the Cave 
Afaa Michael Weaver
In the Studio

p. 25
Cold & Other Poems
Ellen Bass
A Special APR Supplement

p. 28
Tears for Joe
Gordon Marino
A Column

p. 30
What You Have to Tell & Other Poems
Sophie Cabot Black

p. 32
Cars & Culture—Larry Watson, Painter
Jack DeWitt
A Column

p. 34
James McCorkle

p. 36
Frog Pond & Thoughts on a Windy Night
Lucien Stryk

p. 37
Separated & Other Poems
Nikola Madzirov

p. 39
Frank Bidart’s “Inauguration Day”
Steven Gould Axelrod

p. 42
For Weldon Kees & Other Poems
Joseph Millar

p. 44
Under Skin & Other Poems
Anne Marie Macari

p. 45
A Journey with Two Maps
Eavan Boland

p. 50
On Steve Orlen (1942–2010)
David Rivard

p. 52
Three Poems
Alicia Jo Rabins