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p. 5
Deep Lane & Other Poems
Mark Doty

p. 9
Cold Snap, November & Other Poems
Lucia Perillo

p. 13
Native Stranger—Ecstatic Émigré 7
Claudia Keelan
A Column

p. 15
rose rising
Ditta Baron Hoeber

p. 17
Donald Hall
An Interview by Ernest Hilbert

p. 21
Icarus/Adrift & Other Poems
Kazim Ali

p. 22
The Father & Other Poems
Patrick Phillips

p. 23
The Book of the Dead Man (The Nuclear Submarine) & Other Poems
Marvin Bell

p. 25
Becca & Saint Athanasios at Metéora
Kerrin McCadden

p. 27
Missionary Man & Other Poems
D. A. Powell
An Interview by James Cihlar
A Special APR Supplement

p. 31
God’s Breath
Henry Israeli

p. 34
The Pinky of Great Sugi
William Stobb

p. 35
Walking with Eliza
Jeffrey Harrison

p. 36
God’s Grandeur & Four Artes Poeticae
Kevin Prufer

p. 37
Joshua Kryah

p. 38
In the Garden & Other Poems
Rose Styron

p. 40
The Coat & Prayer at Winter Solstice
Dana Gioia

p. 41
Deleted Scene & From Ted Hughes’ List of Suggested Writing Exercises for Sylvia Plath
David Trinidad

p. 43
Poetry and Mysticism — Part Three
Doreen Gildroy
A Column

p. 45
Dance Night & Other Poems
Michael Dickman

p. 50
66 Trees
Peter Covino

p. 51
The Little Death of Self
Marianne Boruch

p. 56
That Morning
Stanley Moss