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p. 5
Stop-loss & Other Poems
Bob Hicok

p. 8
Poetry in Conversation with Bob Hicok
Laura McCullough

p. 13
Rats & Other Poems
Ellen Bryant Voigt

p. 16
1984 Pumpkin Pie & The End of the World
Sandra Simonds

p. 17
What Makes a Man & Down and Out in Darfur
W. D. Ehrhart

p. 19
The Soul in Its Witness Protection Program—Ed Barrett’s Boston Trilogy
David Rivard

p. 23
In the Chamber of the Voices & Other Poems
Doreen Gildroy
A Special APR Supplement

p. 27
Listening to Orfeo in February
Natania Rosenfeld

p. 27
Stalking the Pleasures
Jane Mead

p. 28
Verdi’s Il Trovatore & Fidelity
Adrian Matejka

p. 29
Five Self-Portraits
Cynthia Cruz

p. 30
Rational Anthem & Book of Grudges
Casey Thayer

p. 31
Soul Radio—Three American Spiritualist Poets
Tony Hoagland

p. 35
Monday & Other Poems
Primo Levi, translated by Marco Sonzogni & Harry Thomas

p. 36
Ars Poetica Ballad & Difference
Lidija Dimkovska, translated by Ljubica Arsovska & Peggy Reid

p. 38
Prix Fixe & Other Poems
Michael Broek

p. 39
John Ashbery
An Interview by Christopher Hennessy

p. 45
John Ashbery, Folk Poet
Kathleen Ossip

p. 48
Magdalene—The Seven Devils
Marie Howe