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p. 5
Love of the Wind & Other Poems
Robert Bly

p. 7
Robert & Ruth Bly
An Interview by Chard deNiord

p. 16
I Emptied Something & Other Poems
Carol Ann Davis

p. 18
You Can Always Teach & Other Poems
Dean Young

p. 21
Red Leather Notebook
Jeffrey Skinner
In the Studio

p. 23
Twelve Chicano/Latina Poets
Introduced by Christopher Buckley & Juan Felipe Herrera
A Special APR Supplement

p. 31
Jennifer Grotz

p. 32
In the Dark & Other Poems
Susan Stewart

p. 35
The MFA at War—Proximity, Reality, and Poetry in Brian Turner’s Phantom Noise
Michael Broek

p. 37
Lines on Craigslist & Lines on Repressed Memory Syndrome
Joel Brouwer

p. 38
Sleep Stage & Other Poems
Kim Addonizio

p. 40
Diagnosis & Other Poems
Ira Sadoff

p. 43
The Village Troublemaker—Robert Bly and American Poetry
Tony Hoagland

p. 49
Night Song & Other Poems
James Cihlar

p. 50
Ars Poetica #17 & Goodbye in Slow Motion with Those Trees Waving Back
Alexander Long

p. 52
Alex Dimitrov