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p. 4
Spare Us & Other Poems
Dennis O’Driscoll

p. 7
cleave sugar & interior design of temporary space (museum)
Beth Bachmann

p. 8
When You Begin Asking About Your Provenance & We’re No Robert Capa Photo
Elyse Fenton

p. 9
Revelatory and Complex: Innovative African-American Poetries
Arielle Greenberg
A Column

p. 13
Out in the Open & Other Poems
Tomas Tranströmer, translated by Robin Robertson

p. 14
Ben Lerner

p. 17
A Lost Classic: David Shapiro’s Lateness
Frederick Smock

p. 18
Face & Other Poems
Marianne Boruch

p. 21
Unfinished Novel & Other Poems
Reesa Grushka

p. 23
Kwame Dawes: Fire & Other Poems
An Interview by Dorianne Laux & Joseph Millar
A Special APR Supplement

p. 29
Survival of the Light in Subtle Bodies & Other Poems
Dan George

p. 30
Notes on the Poem & Other Poems
Campbell McGrath

p. 32
Carnival & Other Poems
Jesse Nathan

p. 33
Women and Nature
Melissa Kwasny

p. 38
Two American Proverbs
Michele Battiste

p. 39
Birthing Poem: A Visitation Triptych
Todd Fredson

p. 41
Four Selections from Stealing History, a diary of the mind
Gerald Stern

p. 46
Void and Compensation (Tsimtsum)
Michael Morse

p. 48
Garbage Truck
Michael Ryan