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p. 5
Lapse & Other Poems
Jorie Graham

p. 11
I Thought I Hated Inaugural Poems (But It Turns Out I Don’t)
Jason Schneiderman
A Column

p. 17
I Wish I Had a Guru & Other Poems
Carrie Fountain

p. 18
Cold Migration
Ed Skoog

p. 20
231: I Come to the Garden Alone & The Death of Reference
Robert Hershon

p. 21
Romanticism & Other Poems
Ailish Hopper

p. 22
The Stick Soldiers & Doc’s Kill
Hugh Martin

p. 23
It’s Not a Journey
Gordon Marino

p. 25
“Why Write, If Not to Align Yourself with Time and Space?”
Matthew Zapruder, Ange Mlinko, Timothy Donnelly, Steve Almond, and Hannah Gamble
A Special APR Supplement

p. 29
The Ancestors Speak to the Cowboy & Other Poems
Afaa Michael Weaver

p. 32
Our Deportees
Rigoberto González

p. 32
My Friend Says & Other Poems
David St. John

p. 35
Apples & Grey and Blue
Anzhelina Polonskaya, translated by Andrew Wachtel

p. 36
Hatrack & Other Poems
Thomas Lux

p. 38
On Arrogance & What Is a Weed?
David Baker

p. 40
David Lehman

p. 41
W. S. Merwin: Apotheosis of the Lepers
Laurence Lieberman

p. 50
True Faith & Other Poems
Ira Sadoff

p. 52
Our Prophets
Thomás Q. Morín