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p. 5
The Deceased Hope the Farm Remains in the Family for Generations
Jenny Browne

p. 9
The Poet’s Words & Other Poems
Vicente Aleixandre, translated by Stephen Kessler

p. 10
ten poems from “Thinly Sealed”
Bruce Smith

p. 11
Feeling Fucked Up—The Architecture of Anger
Reginald Dwayne Betts

p. 15
Valley of the Owls & Other Poems
Jack Gilbert

p. 16
Mythical Girls & The Hot Girl
Carley Moore

p. 17
Once Upon a Time
Jeannine Hall Gailey

p. 17
Elizabeth Hughey

p. 19
Occupy the Universe Forever, Friends—Kenneth Patchen at 100, A Retrospective by David Rivard

p. 23 Fourteen Poems
p. 26 Patchen Interviewed by Gene Detro
p. 29 Two Prose Poems
p. 31 Patchen: Man of Anger and Light, by Henry Miller
p. 34 Three Poems

A Special APR Supplement

p. 35
New Year & The Damnation of New Jersey
Ed Ochester

p. 36
The Vow of the Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog & Other Poems
Alicia Ostriker

p. 39
Revelatory and Complex—“Plain, Free-Flowing” Spirituality
Arielle Greenberg
A Column

p. 43
My New American Lawn
Alan Michael Parker

p. 44
For the Player & Other Poems
Stephen Dunn

p. 46
The Butterfly House & Other Poems
Norman Dubie

p. 48
Ode to Knots, Noise, Waking Up at Three, and Falling Asleep Reading to My Id
Barbara Hamby

p. 49
The Question & The Afternoon
R. S. Armstrong

p. 50
Pre-Induction Physical
Gregory Djanikian

p. 52
There is something horrible
Kenneth Patchen