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p. 4
Bougainvillea & Other Poems
Matthew Dickman

p. 7
Spontaneous Generation & Other Poems
Elaine Equi

p. 9
From Buddhaland Brooklyn
Richard C. Morais

p. 14
The Griefs
Stefi Weisburd

p. 15
My Father’s Home Village
Nguyen Phan Que Mai, translated by the author & Bruce Weigl

p. 16
Elegy for Smoking & Elegy with a Broken Machine
Patrick Phillips

p. 17
Ecstatic Émigré 9—The Citizen-Stranger: An Ethics of Definition
Claudia Keelan
A Column

p. 20
Dear Emily Dickinson & Other Poems
Sherman Alexie

p. 21
Give Me Poland & Other Poems
Jeffrey Skinner

p. 22
The Right Hemisphere & The Modern Period
Catherine Barnett

p. 23
Selections from Four Hundred Men on the Cross
Henri Michaux
Translated with an Introduction by Gillian Conoley
A Special APR Supplement

p. 29
Poison & The Moment
Maxine Scates

p. 30
I Am Falling in Love with the Waitress & Other Poems
Dara Wier

p. 32
Salvage & The Consolations of Philosophy
Sebastian Agudelo

p. 34
Tropical Bats & Other Poems
James Arthur

p. 35
In the Beautiful, Violent Swirl of America—Simon Ortiz’s From Sand Creek, Thirty Years Later
Jules Gibbs

p. 38
Excerpts from “The Pope in St. Lucia”
Laurence Lieberman

p. 41
in the dead sea & Other Poems
Mark Conway

p. 42
Alan Williamson

p. 43
On Being Old
C. K. Williams

p. 46
The Mystical Rose & Other Poems
Adélia Prado, translated by Ellen Doré Watson

p. 48
Two O’Clock in the Afternoon in Brazil
Adélia Prado, translated by Ellen Doré Watson