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p. 5
Birth Chart & Other Poems
David Rivard

p. 9
Illegal for All Time
David Rivard

p. 13
Day 121 & Other Poems
Ann Emerson

p. 15
Feminist Poetics, in Waves
Arielle Greenberg
A Two-Part Column

p. 19
Self-Portrait as David Lynch & Self-Portrait as David Hockney
David Roderick

p. 20
Round Earth’s Corner
Pimone Triplett

p. 21
Leaving Venice & Other Poems
Jane Rohrer
A Special APR Supplement

p. 24
Angel Sound, Mexico City
Carmen Boullosa, translated by Catherine Hammond

p. 26
Give It Up
Jeff Friedman

p. 27
Minor Casualty, 2003
Ellen McGrath Smith

p. 27
The Poet Stumbles upon a Buddha in Gamelands 158 above Tipton, Pennsylvania
Todd Davis

p. 28
Words from a Poor Man & Other Poems
Carl Dennis

p. 30
Kyphosis & Other Poems
Joanne Dominique Dwyer

p. 32
Leonard Gontarek

p. 33
Good News & Other Poems
Joy Ladin

p. 34
Poem with Half a Leg & Other Poems
Aaron Balkan

p. 36
Which from That Time Infus’d Sweetness into My Heart
Joy Katz

p. 37
Annie Finch: Casting Spells
An Interview by Alex Giardino

p. 44
It’s Not to Worry & Winter Nights
Robert Bly