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p. 5
Bio IV & Other Poems
Gerald Stern

p. 8
Boy. Child without legs. Getting off a chair.
Oliver de la Paz

p. 9
Corrosion Therapy & Other Poems
Jennifer Militello

p. 10
Color Theory
Matt Terhune

p. 11
Are We Fake? Images of Anne Sexton, 20th-Century Woman/Poet
Kathleen Ossip

p. 17
Patron Saint of the Convenience Store & Other Poems
Charlotte Matthews

p. 18
“That Damned Bad”—Fragments from the Life of Robert James Elliott
W. D. Ehrhart

p. 20
Enough & Other Poems
Sophie Cabot Black

p. 21
In Between
Sophie Cabot Black
In the Studio

p. 22
The Fetch as a Naturalist
Sarah Blackman

p. 23
Do You or Don’t You Love Me, Baby? Finding the Trobairitz: An Essay and Translations
Claudia Keelan
A Special APR Supplement

p. 30
To the Fig Tree on 9th and Christian & The Puritan in Me
Ross Gay

p. 32
Crossing New Mexico with Weldon Kees
Ray Gonzalez

p. 34
Woman and Dogs
Adam Scheffler

p. 34
Simon Says, & Long Distance
James Galvin

p. 35
A Beautiful Night for the Rodeo
Keetje Kuipers

p. 36
Cars & Culture—Cars Star on TV
Jack DeWitt
A Column

p. 38
Large White House Speaking & The Rat
Mark Irwin

p. 39
Essay on Feedback & Other Poems
Shane McCrae

p. 40
From the Old Montmartre & Other Poems
Henrik Nordbrandt, translated by Thomas E. Kennedy

p. 42
I Invented the Arts to Stay Alive—Alice Notley’s Culture of One
Christopher Buckley 44 Nostalgia for the Infinite

p. 46
Plea to My Jealous Heart & Prayer on Aladdin’s Lamp
Marcus Wicker

p. 48
The Righteous Man Is an Advocate of All Creatures
Alex Lemon