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p. 4
vision & Other Poems
Eileen Myles

p. 6
Now Rest—Samuel Beckett’s Creation Myth
Donald Revell

p. 7
Graves Variations & Other Poems
Donald Revell

p. 10
Partridge Boswell

p. 10
Boys Riding Bicycles to School
Ralph Sneeden

p. 11
Sawdust & Other Poems
Mary Ruefle

p. 13
A Romp through Ruefleland
Mark Irwin

p. 16
Omnipresence & R50 Elephant God (Oct 2011)
Maya Surya Pillay

p. 17
Brian Henry

p. 17
Give-Us-This-Day Man
Ricardo Pau-Llosa

p. 18
three poems
Victoria Chang

p. 19
The Love Song of James Arlington Wright—An Essay and Interview
with Annie Wright
Chard deNiord
A Special APR Supplement

p. 27
Her last year & Other Poems
Jean Valentine

p. 28
The Lifecycle of the Technicolored Dream Fish
Jay Hopler
In the Studio

p. 29
Tomas Tranströmer, translated by Patty Crane

p. 32
Epicene & Other Poems
Ryan Van Winkle

p. 33
A Rising Tide Floats All Boats—Workshops & the World
Jason Schneiderman
A Column

p. 36
Catacombs & Vinegar
Paula Bohince

p. 37
Gratitude & Other Poems
Wesley McNair

p. 44
Joanna Goodman