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p. 5
Assembling Your Clown & Other Poems
Joe Wenderoth

p. 7
Rounds & Other Poems
Maria Hummel

p. 9
A Clown
Susan Stewart

p. 10
A Stranger in a Familiar Land & Other Poems
Dean Young

p. 13
Baby Poetics—On Ostriker, Davis, Durand, & Berrigan
Joy Katz

p. 17
Glass Is Glass Water Is Water
Rae Gouirand

p. 18
The Wolf
C. Dale Young

p. 20
Circling a Sphere & Other Poems
Kimiko Hahn

p. 23
The Widening & Other Poems What’s at Stake—A Conversation
on Irony with Gerry LaFemina
Stephen Dunn
A Special APR Supplement

p. 30
Your Sister & Other Poems
Tomaž Šalamun, translated by Michael Thomas Taren and the Author

p. 31
Block Party
Sebastian Agudelo

p. 34
No Simple Thing & Other Poems
Stephen Dobyns

p. 36
Cloud Koan & Other Poems
Elizabeth Spires

p. 37
Poetry, Transformation, and the Column of Tears
Jane Hirshfield

p. 42
I Wake Early & Other Poems
Jane Hirshfield

p. 44
Counting Cows
Josh Rathkamp

p. 45
Miles Davis Stole My Soul & Other Poems
Tomás Q. Morín

p. 47
A Conversation with Philip Levine
Tomás Q. Morín

p. 50
Old World/New World & Other Poems
Ira Sadoff

p. 52
Their Naked Petals
Ellen Bass