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p. 5
Ten Poems
William Kistler

p. 8
A Responding Noise
Nate Pritts

p. 9
Robert Pinsky

p. 10
Amulet & Other Poems
Tarfi a Faizullah

p. 11
New Poetry in Translation—On Translation and Temperament
Mira Rosenthal
A Column

p. 13
Things by Their Name . . . & Treason
Circe Maia, Translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval

p. 14
The Sadness of Antonio & Other Poems
Jason Schneiderman

p. 16
Despite Their Best Efforts
Rosebud Ben-Oni

p. 17
“Like”—A Speculative Essay on Simile
Stephen Burt

p. 21
Not Everything Is a Metaphor & Burden
Caroline Pittman

p. 22
As If & In Green Pastures
Karen Whalley

p. 23
An Interview with Ellen Bass & Three Poems
Frank X. Gaspar
A Special APR Supplement

p. 28
Poem, Slow to Come, on the Death of Logan & Other Poems
Michael Waters

p. 30
Three Minutes with Mingus
William Archila

p. 31
Emperors of Ice Cream—Sense, Non-sense and Silliness in American Poetry
Joy Ladin

p. 35
John Berryman & The Subtle Bodies
James McCorkle

p. 36
Turtles & Other Poems
Ed Skoog

p. 38
Blowhole & Other Poems
Matthew Lippman

p. 41
Three Blakes
Marianne Boruch

p. 46
In Any Case & Other Poems
Regina Derieva, Translated by Frederick Smock

p. 48
Timothy O’Keefe