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p. 5
The Land of Cockaigne & Other Poems
Yusef Komunyakaa

p. 7
Across the Sea
Dana Levin

p. 9
Strange Tongues—Innovative Poetry in Translation
Arielle Greenberg
A Column

p. 12
Pax Poetica & Other Poems
Stanley Moss

p. 16
Movie Stars

p. 17
Homage to the Unburied—James Dickey’s “Sleepers”
Laurence Lieberman
A Column

p. 18
James Baldwin

p. 21
Radioactive Wolves: A Retelling & Other Poems
Mihaela Moscaliuc
A Special APR Supplement

p. 28
With the Boy, with Myself & With the Boy, with My Father
Jennifer Kronovet

p. 29
The Instant—Ecstatic Émigré 10
Claudia Keelan
A Column

p. 31
What Kind of Reply Are You? & What Kind of Meteorology Are You?
Bradley Paul

p. 31
Living History
Elly Bookman

p. 33
Writing White, an Introduction
Martha Collins

p. 36
On the Remains of a Fire at West End Park
Gerry LaFemina

p. 37
Toward a Postmodern Humanism—Information, Layering, and the Composite Poem
Tony Hoagland

p. 42
The Everyday Demon Experiences Burn-Out & Other Poems
Abigail Cloud

p. 44
Humpback, Through a Spyglass
Laurence Lieberman