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p. 4
O Silent Hands & Other Poems
W. S. Merwin

p. 6
A Sane Life & Other Poems
Amy Gerstler

p. 9
New Poetry in Translation—Writing Is Translation Is Writing
Mira Rosenthal
A Column

p. 12
Nature & Porn Poem (With Andrea Dworkin)
Denise Duhamel

p. 14
Jennifer Grotz

p. 15
I Seem to Be at a Great Feast—The War Poems of Guillaume Apollinaire
Tony Hoagland

p. 19
Lucia Perillo: The Great Wave & Other Poems
An Interview by Lesley Valdes
A Special APR Supplement

p. 25
This Right Here & Other Poems
Charlie Smith

p. 26
Falling in Love with a Fiji Mermaid & Other Poems
Grant Clauser

p. 27
That Greeny Power—Recent Works of Ecopoetics
Arielle Greenberg
A Column

p. 30
Background & Building Collapse
Amy Small-McKinney

p. 31
Disassociated Selves—Vijay Seshadri’s 3 Sections
Bhisham Bherwani

p. 34
World Without Glass & Other Poems
Pamela Sutton

p. 35
Neal Whitman & Michael Jenkins

p. 36
Five Poems from Bombyonder
Reb Livingston

p. 37
Of Two Sublimities—Love Poems of James Wright
Laurence Lieberman

p. 40
Pardon My Heart
Marcus Jackson