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p. 5
Button & Other Poems
Bruce Smith

p. 7
In Between Words: A Conversation on the Extreme
Beth Bachmann & Nick Flynn

p. 13
From The Heights of Macchu Picchu
Pablo Neruda, Translated by Tomás Q. Morín

p. 14
O Anti O Antiphons
Heidi Lynn Staples

p. 15
An Interview by Martha Silano
Rachel Zucker

p. 20
Penny Marvel & Other Poems
Elizabeth Treadwell

p. 21
Mudfest & Other Poems
Marianne Boruch
A Special APR Supplement

p. 26
Sold Out & The Inheritance
Timothy Liu

p. 27
Adam Artillery Captain & Other Poems
Michael Broek

p. 28
The Rewilding & Home Fires
Ada Limón

p. 29
On the Brink of Secession: Gwendolyn Brooks
Laurence Lieberman
A Column

p. 31
Evel Knievel
Brian Barker

p. 32
Freedom & Sam Says Everything
William Stobb

p. 33
Feel Better
Mary-Alice Daniel

p. 34
Terence Diggory & Laurence Lieberman

p. 35
Late, in a Time of Splendor & Refrain
Cate Lycurgus

p. 36
The Disintegration Loops
Stephen Cramer

p. 38
Paradise Skate
Marcus Jackson

p. 39
Without a Country: A Detail
Eavan Boland

p. 44
With Deborah in Amherst
Stanley Plumly