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p. 5
wall & Other Poems
Beth Bachmann

p. 7
La Perrera of Chavez Ravine
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo

p. 8
In Defense of Obsession & Other Poems
Alex Dimitrov

p. 9
What to Read Now— Some Vital Books from 2014
Arielle Greenberg
A Column

p. 12
Scorpion & Other Poems
Ross White

p. 14
Curtis Bauer

p. 15
Hannah Gamble: The Body Naked
An Interview by Brandon Lewis

p. 17
[Here where] & Other Poems
Malachi Black

p. 19
Bachelor of Arts & Other Poems
John Skoyles
A Special APR Supplement

p. 22
Welcome to Freetown
Jenny Browne

p. 25
The Raccoon: Once Considered Solitary & Backwards Jesus
Scott Dalgarno

p. 26
Poem for Breakfast & Other Poems
Geoff Bouvier

p. 27
A Designing Mind
Rosanna Warren

p. 31
Postmodernism & Other Poems
Michael Broder

p. 32
The Brides of Ekaterinburg & Six Blackbirds on the Highway to Moscow
Barbara Hamby

p. 33
At Wolf Hollow
January Gill O’Neil

p. 34
Go So You Can Come Back & Other Poems
Jared Harel

p. 35
Maxine Kumin’s Legacy: Six Voices—Robin Becker, Deborah Brown, Emily R. Grosholz, Darla Himeles, Carole Simmons Oles, & Alicia Ostriker

p. 40
Aren’t We
Ari Banias