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p. 5
I Mistyped “Jump” & Other Poems
Albert Goldbarth

p. 7
Racetrack & Safehouse
Melissa Stein

p. 8
Object Permanence & In Igboland
Nicole Sealey

p. 9
Letters to C
Idra Novey

p. 11
Ghost Dance—The Poetics of Loss
Melissa Kwasny

p. 20
The Goods
Michelle Bitting

p. 21
Martín Espada – Vivas to Those Who Have Failed: The Paterson Silk Strike, 1913 & Other Poems
An Interview by Chard deNiord
A Special APR Supplement

p. 28
she said & three Fibonacci
Ditta Baron Hoeber

p. 30
from “Resplendent Slug”
Kimiko Hahn

p. 32
from “George Sand: Promenades autour d’un village
Cole Swensen

p. 34
Temperance & Other Poems
Mark McCloughan

p. 35
In the Same Breath: The Racial Politics of The Best American Poetry 2014
Isaac Ginsberg Miller

p. 38
Bend If You’re Lonely
Sid Miller

p. 39
Mattress & Other Poems
Patrick Phillips

p. 40
The Island of Lost Song
Charles Bernstein

p. 41
No Laughing Matter—Race, Poetry, and Humor
Tony Hoagland

p. 45
fourteen sonnets
Stephen Dobyns

p. 48
Antisocial Media
Jennifer Militello