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p. 4
Historical Romance & Other Poems
Elaine Equi

p. 6
from The Sonnets
Kim Addonizio

p. 7
New Poetry in Translation—Why Poets Translate
Mira Rosenthal
A Column

p. 11
Hendrik Goltzius’s “Icarus” (1588) & Other Poems
Billy Collins

p. 12
Holy Jackass Sutra & Other Poems
Tony Hoagland

p. 14
Eye Exam & Other Poems
Nathaniel Bellows

p. 16
Kasey Jueds

p. 17
On “Bari, Old and Young,” by James Wright
Laurence Lieberman
A Column

p. 18
Whales Wear the Patterns of the Surface of the Water
Todd Boss

p. 19
Reversal & Other Poems
Wang Jiaxin Translated by Diana Shi & George O’Connell With an essay by Robert Hass
A Special APR Supplement

p. 25
A Week in the Childhood of W.C. Fields & Other Poems
Thomas Devaney

p. 26
six poems
Elizabeth Robinson

p. 28
Dear Director, Environmental Protection Agency & Other Poems
Kenji C. Liu

p. 29
I Know You Feel Me
Arielle Greenberg
A Column

p. 32
Dust & Other Poems
Danusha Laméris

p. 34
Blame the French & Other Poems
Henry Israeli

p. 37
Penitent & Poet—On Gabriel by Edward Hirsch
Bhisham Bherwani

p. 40
In Two Seconds
Mark Doty