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p. 4
Between the Tongue and the Warm Salt & Other Poems
Alicia Jo Rabins

p. 6
Ode to Those Who Study the Miasmas & Other Poems
Thomas Lux

p. 8
Trouble Poem & Other Poems
Jay Nebel

p. 9
Mount Pleasant & Signs
Jennifer Chang

p. 10
What is wanted & Other Poems
Kirsten Kaschock

p. 11
Lyric Impulse in a Time of Extinction
Anne Marie Macari

p. 15
Upon the Relinquishment of a Shelter Dog & Other Poems
Frannie Lindsay

p. 16
Little Spells
Jennifer K. Sweeney

p. 17
Mama Money & Other Poems
Valerie Bandura

p. 18
R. A. Villanueva

p. 19
Schoolboys and Their Hound & Other Poems
Frank Stanford

p. 21
The Nijinsky of Dreams—The Legacy of Frank Stanford
Anna Journey
A Special APR Supplement

p. 27
James Cummins

p. 28
You’ve Built Your Own Mosque
David Kirby

p. 29
Jay Wright—American Romantic, Post-Romantic, and Symbolist
Phillip M. Richards

p. 33
five elegies
William Kistler

p. 35
from Jesus Said
Patrick Donnelly

p. 37
Thom Gunn Undone
Hannah Baker Saltmarsh

p. 42
Moral Animal
Sarah Rose Nordgren

p. 42
When I Can’t Pretend to Eat Her
Stefanie Wortman

p. 44
from “Before Rain”
Tom Sleigh