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p. 5
From The Addresses
Katie Ford

p. 7
Into the Alpine Meadow I Send a Few Silent Apologies & Other Poems
Matthew Zapruder

p. 9
The Art of Slowness—Sun Bear by Matthew Zapruder
Tony Hoagland

p. 11
Taking Off the Front of the House & Sometimes I’m frightened
Ellen Bass

p. 12
The Forthcomng Disasters of Gold River & Other Poems
Catie Rosemurgy

p. 14
Immortality & Other Poems
Norman Dubie

p. 16
Good Death & Other Poems
Rachel Eliza Griffiths

p. 17
Rachel Eliza Griffiths: Shadows in Light
An Interview by Jan Garden Castro

p. 21
Einstein’s Clock (1905) & Other Poems
Campbell McGrath
A Special APR Supplement

p. 26
Cooled Metals & Other Poems
René Char Translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson

p. 28
Permission & Radio Dedication: To Her Kinswoman
Susan Lilley

p. 29
Flowering Olives—Two James Wright Poems
Laurence Lieberman
A Column

p. 31
Chopin & Promise
Leonard Gontarek

p. 32
Here Comes the Hotstepper & Other Poems
Adam Fitzgerald

p. 34
Transfiguration & Other Poems
Nina Cassian

p. 35
The Unthinkable & Other Poems
David Lehman

p. 36
Barnegat Light
Ernest Hilbert

p. 37
Difficult Loves
David Biespiel
APR Books

p. 42
The High Heat & Our Father’s Body
D. Nurkse

p. 44
Veterans Day, 2014
Jared Harel