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p. 5
So Far to Go & Other Poems
Adrian Matejka

p. 8
Exciting the Canvas & Being in this world makes me feel like a time traveler
Kaveh Akbar

p. 9
Infinitives & Other Poems
Dean Young

p. 11
Homeland Insecurity and the Poetry of Engagement
Eleanor Wilner

p. 16
Sestina Ayotzinapa
Joyelle McSweeney

p. 17
Landscape with Thesaurus and Awe & One Sentence About Los Angeles
Lynn Melnick

p. 18
Doubled & Other Poems
Leonard Gontarek

p. 21
Poems from The Darkening Trapeze With a Conversation by Gregory Donovan, Linda Gregerson, Terrance Hayes, & Tony Hoagland
Larry Levis
A Special APR Supplement

p. 27
Response Requested: Survey of American Attitudes
Charles Jensen

p. 28
Getting Stoned in the Mission, Waiting for Permission to Leave Abidjan & Other Poems
Todd Fredson

p. 30
I’ll Tell You a Story & Other Poems
Jerzy Ficowski Translated by Jennifer Grotz & Piotr Sommer

p. 31
Rachel Rose

p. 32
Arrest & Pantoum
Pireeni Sundaralingam

p. 33
Documentary & Mamá Pati Responds to Papá Javi
Javier Zamora

p. 34
The Other Side & Other Poems
Matthew Thorburn

p. 35
Poem That’s Never Been to Jones Beach & Poem with All the Time in the World
Samuel Amadon

p. 36
Fritz Ward

p. 37
A Poetry of Empathy: Two Essays on C. K. Williams
Michael Waters & Mihaela Moscaliuc

p. 42
Ghost Of
Diana Khoi Nguyen

p. 44
“Everything’s Been Recruited”
Becca Klaver