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p. 4
Losing Language & Other Poems
Forrest Hamer

p. 6
Love Poem for the Proles & Other Poems
Adrian Blevins

p. 8
The Watch & Other Poems
Edward Hirsch

p. 9
“Outward in larger terms /A mind inhaling exigency”— on Adrienne Rich’s Collected Poems Part One
Ed Pavlić
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p. 15
Villagers & Horizontal
Ari Banias

p. 16
The Collection of the Canter & Other Poems
Robin Becker

p. 19
Ode to Words & Other Poems
Gregory Orr
A Special APR Supplement

p. 23
Sundered Things—Diane Seuss’s Four-Legged Girl
Margaree Little
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p. 24
The Cows & Lay Hold of Me
Elizabeth Jacobson

p. 25
Self-Portrait as Mouthpiece of an Anonymous Benefactor & Creation Myth
Diane Seuss

p. 26
Venus.2, Venus.3, & Venus.4

p. 27
Jane Cooper and the Poetics of Sanity
Eve Grubin

p. 28
Surface & Other Poems
Crystal Williams

p. 30
The Pall of a Past World & Other Poems
Eugene Gloria

p. 31
Clairvoyant with Hunger—Two Poems in James Dickey’s The Eagle’s Mile
Laurence Lieberman
A Column

p. 33
Would You Like Cheese with That & Other Poems
Valerie Bandura

p. 34
Barbie Chang
Victoria Chang

p. 35
The State of the Art—Thoughts on Ekphrastic Poetry
Bhisham Bherwani

p. 38
Marvelous Sugar Baby & Arroz Con Pollo
Darrel Alejandro Holnes

p. 38
Correspondence from W. S. Merwin on Galway Kinnell’s Princeton Years
Robert Hass

p. 40
Carry Away Small Stones
Marlys West