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p. 5
Something You Should Know & Other Poems
Clint Smith

p. 7
Pastoral: Divining Rod & I Return to the City
Arielle Greenberg

p. 9
Standoff & Said
David Rivard

p. 10
An Interview by David Roderick
David Rivard

p. 13
The Bubbing Pool in Jost Van Dyke & Waiting on the Time Machine
Chasity Hale

p. 14
First Elegy
Sally Ball

p. 15
New Life Revisited—Beatrice and the Traumatic Imagination
Nadia Colburn

p. 21
To Charlie, on His Poetry & The First Snowfall
Alicia Ostriker

p. 23
Love Poems from the Murder Capital of the World
Spencer Reece
A Special APR Supplement

p. 28
Eve Grubin

p. 29
Faces of Coherency
David Biespiel
APR Books

p. 32
M__TM___RE (90) & Other Poems
Paul Siegell

p. 33
Benjamin Landry

p. 34
Thinking About Basho
Bracha K. Sharp

p. 34
Kairos & Humanity
Sophie Klahr

p. 35
Fading Away Forever?
Jeff Alessandrelli

p. 37
Song & The Messenger’s Name
Dan Beachy-Quick

p. 37
The Two
Peter Feng

p. 38
Litany (Flying)
Kasey Jueds

p. 38
Anne Marie Rooney

p. 38
High Line in Winter
Aaron Fagan

p. 39
You Could Clone Elvis from That Wart—Poetry of the New Southern Gothic
Anna Journey

p. 46
Capitol Street Pulse & Album
William Stobb

p. 48
The Watch
Danusha Laméris