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p. 4
American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin
Terrance Hayes

p. 6
The Kitchen Counter & Other Poems
Ellen Bass

p. 7
Remember How We Planned to Get Married and Have Children? & Other Poems
Alicia Jo Rabins

p. 9
Corneas & Other Poems
Brionne Janae An Interview by Tyree Daye

p. 12
Flight plan & Other Poems
Bob Hicok

p. 14
Almost Forty & Other Poems
Ada Limón

p. 15
Legible Horizon: Christian Wiman’s Hammer Is the Prayer
David Biespiel
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p. 19
I Sang Mind Because I Could Not Sing Body & Other Poems
Ginger Ko

p. 21
Bruce Smith : “The Alter-Place”
An Interview by Eric Berlin
A Special APR Supplement

p. 25
From Stansted to Heathrow

p. 25
Wolverine Season & You Look at the Window
Jennifer L. Knox

p. 26
Dead End Boogie
Dan Turèll Translated by Thomas E. Kennedy

p. 27
The Calumet Region
Laura Van Prooyen

p. 28
When in New Cities & Other Poems
Steven Kleinman

p. 29
On the Cusp of Devotion: A Squirrel, Doubt and Geoffrey Hill
Nathaniel Perry

p. 31
Ways to Describe a Death Inside Your Own Living Body
Allison Adair

p. 32
By That I Do Mean Horse
Marlys West

p. 33
Stoking the Light: Susan Stewart’s Cinder
Piotr Florczyk
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p. 35
Holy as We Please & Other Poems
Kaveh Akbar

p. 37
Reading Ernst Meister
Joshua Weiner
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p. 41
At Night & Other Poems
Michael Bazzett

p. 42
Dance Event & Other Poems
Dean Young

p. 44
I’d Come Back from the Grave to Celebrate the End of Capitalism
Nikki Wallschlaeger