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p. 4
And One & Other Poems
David Tomas Martinez

p. 7
two sonnets
Simone Muench & Dean Rader

p. 8
Self-biography as a girl with no mouth & Other Poems
Brynne Rebele-Henry

p. 9
Sun Yung Shin: Writing from the Uncanny Valley
An Interview by Elizabeth Hoover

p. 11
Changing the Subject & Training
Jared Harél

p. 12
The Undressing
Li-Young Lee

p. 15
The Darkening
Kyle Dargan

p. 16
Sunflowers & Other Poems
James Hoch

p. 18
The Eyes Have Woods & Congregation at the River
Shanna Compton

p. 19
Danez Smith: summer, somewhere
An Interview by Tyree Daye

p. 21
At the Graveyard & Other Poems
Carl Dennis

p. 22
Saturday Night Special & Praying: Combing My Hair, I Worry
Natasha Oladokun

p. 23
The Selected Poets
A Special APR Supplement
Donald Hall

p. 27
Poem for Cindy Sherman & Poem for Hilda Doolittle & Hilda Morley
Jeff Alessandrelli

p. 28
Ananda Lima

p. 30
Fuckin’ Shit Up & Other Poems
Matthew Lippman

p. 32
Bad Election & Waking Greenwood Cemetery
Jennifer Michael Hecht

p. 33
I Believe in Myself Slowly: The Perfect Imperfections of Primus St. John
Nathaniel Perry

p. 36
Where in the great glare was I & Other Poems
Thomas Devaney

p. 38
God of Wind & Other Poems
David Roderick

p. 39
Wearing the Fabric of Another Country: Re-imagining Diaspora in Sokunthary
Svay’s Apsara in New York
Asa Drake

p. 40
Ghazal & Like a Benetton Ad
Dilruba Ahmed

p. 41
Galaxy Watch: Galaxy Love and Death Watch by Gerald Stern
Ethel Rackin & Elaine Terranova

p. 43
In Dürer’s Engraving & Susanna and the Elders
Marianne Boruch

p. 44
Yuki Tanaka