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p. 4
I Climbed Out of the Painting Called Paradise & Other Poems
Diane Seuss

p. 6
Dearest Thanatos, & Other Poems
Traci Brimhall

p. 8
First Time on the Funicular
Aimee Nezhukumatathil

p. 9
Of Time and the Line: The Craft of Tempo
Matthew Yeager

p. 15
The Student & Other Poems
Carrie Fountain

p. 16
Lunar Mansions & Other Poems
Kien Lam

p. 18
Bush vs. Gore & Other Poems
Cortney Lamar Charleston

p. 20
On John Ashbery’s “Worsening Situation”
David Lehman

p. 21
The Incredible Story of Las Poquianchis of Guanajuato
Rigoberto González

p. 25
Honeysuckle Illuminated in the Garbage
Jennifer Grotz

p. 28
Indian & Colored Burial Ground & Other Poems
Iain Haley Pollock

p. 30
Toska & Re: Eros
Alina Pleskova

p. 31
Friendship, Porousness & the Intimate Experience of Poetry
Joshua Beckman

p. 34
Wolf & Other Poems
James Arthur

p. 35
Lecture on Emptiness
Robert Hunter Jones

p. 36
We, Said the Wren & Other Poems
Peter Jay Shippy

p. 37
All Fires
Liam Hysjulien

p. 38
The Second Arrow & Other Poems
Chase Twichell

p. 39
It Keeps Her Safe & It Keeps Her: On Monica A. Hand
Carey Salerno

p. 41
Letter to the Editor
Jonathan Blunk

p. 42
Other women don’t tell you (three poems)
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

p. 44
So, You Think I’m Afraid of You?
Joanne Dominique Dwyer