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p. 4
Prairie Erasure & Other Poems
Khadijah Queen

p. 6
Central Park & Other Poems
Catherine Barnett

p. 8
Paper Crowns & Other Poems
Joanne Diaz

p. 10
Refugee, Walking Is the Most Human of All & Other Poems
Mai Der Vang

p. 11
Iowa Bird of Mouth: Keeping a 12-Month Crowdsourced Poetry Project in the Air
Jennifer L. Knox

p. 17
I Feel Sorry for You Someone Said to Me Over and Over Again & Other Poems
Dara Wier

p. 20
Surrogate & Forgetting
Alexandrine Vo

p. 21
Oh No
Marianne Boruch

p. 23
The Sea a Battered Dream
Frank Sherlock

p. 24
She Sells Seashells & Regeneration
Kimiko Hahn

p. 26
The Enchantment & Other Poems
Sharon Olds

p. 28
Bernard / 1
Leah Umansky

p. 29
Reading Ekstasis: Tracking Contradictions, Sustaining Incongruences
Gale Marie Thompson

p. 33
Junk Trees, & Other Poems
Maggie Smith

p. 34
What You Call a Thing & Other Poems
Justin Boening

p. 36
Too Jewish / shtetl kitsch & Other Poems
Lynn Melnick

p. 38
reading & Three Deaths
Ditta Baron Hoeber

p. 39
Grandeur of the Unimportant
David Biespiel

p. 42
Tumor & Haemorrhoissa
Leila Chatti

p. 44
The End
Michael Bazzett