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p. 4
Eternal Recurrence & Other Poems
Deborah Landau

p. 6
Stone December & Other Poems
Cameron Awkward-Rich

p. 8
Ars Poetica II
Kirwyn Sutherland

p. 9
Ars Poetica: Origin Stories
Craig Morgan Teicher

p. 12
Wartime Lullaby & Poem About My Feelings
Monica Sok

p. 14
Hey Stranger & Other Poems
Natalie Shapero

p. 16
The Optometrist & Other Poems
Dan Chelotti

p. 17
For Astronauts Who Menstruate
Heather Dorn

p. 18
In Which a Therapist Asks for the Gargoyle Who Sits on My Chest
Erin Belieu

p. 19
The Space Between: Spatial Caesura Within a Poem
Tanya Grae

p. 23
Who Can Say What Happens Inside Each Bright Life? & Other Poems
Nomi Stone

p. 24
The Campion
Donald Revell

p. 26
In the Valley & Other Poems
Edward Hirsch

p. 28
Like One Who Has Mingled Freely with the World & The Air Is an Exquisite Boneless Princess
Yuki Tanaka

p. 29
Bowl of Oranges: An Interview with Jos Charles
Kaveh Akbar

p. 31
Hysterical Water
Hannah Baker Saltmarsh

p. 32
I Never Used to Write About Birds & They Want Black Music and They Don’t Want Black People
Xandria Phillips

p. 33
This This Is the End & Resurrection Fail
John Wall Barger

p. 34
Diner & Other Poems
Leonard Gontarek

p. 35
The Wilds of Poetry: The Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde and Its Ecopoetic Roots in Ancient China
David Hinton

p. 40
Devotion (Reflection)
Mark McCloughan