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p. 3
A Refusal to Mourn the Deaths, by Gunfire, of Three Men in Brooklyn
John Murillo

p. 6
The Forty-Third Day & Poem for the Second Step
Chase Berggrun

p. 8
The Heart Is Not a Synonym for the Chest & Scatter Plot
Eleanor Mary Boudreau

p. 9
Seven Seconds in the Life of the Honeyed Muse or, What Is Art?
Sherod Santos

p. 14
William Brewer

p. 16
from Atopia
Sandra Simonds

p. 18
Emma & New Year’s Day (2018)
Gina Myers

p. 19
Memoirs of a Fox: On Reading, and Running with, Siegfried Sassoon
Laura Kolbe

p. 22
Ode to the Pitcher Plant & Other Poems
Benjamin Garcia

p. 23
from The Nature Notebook
Translated by Jennifer Grotz and Piotr Sommer
Jerzy Ficowski

p. 24
Beauty’s Many Absences & Other Poems
Katherine Bode-Lang

25 “Impersonations of Ordinary”: On Humility
Jonathan Farmer

p. 31
Happy and Free & Incompletion
Tony Hoagland

p. 32
How Soon the Trees & Playboy Bunny Swimsuit Biker
Kim Gek Lin Short

p. 33
Rihanna & Child
Darrel Alejandro Holnes

p. 34
Ode to the Scallop & Street Music
Stanley Moss

p. 35
To Whoever Is Reading Me & Self-Portrait of Librarian with T.S. Eliot’s Papers
Alison C. Rollins

p. 36
Ice Man
Mark Wunderlich

p. 37
Marianne Boruch

p. 38
A Poetics of Nothing
Ariel Yelen

p. 39
Good Seats & Other Poems
David Kirby

p. 41
Valentine’s Day
Bonnie Jill Emanuel

p. 42
Lester Bangs Talks Scottie & Gust Avrakotos Pulls Lancaster Dodd’s File in the CIA Archive, 1989
Marc Mckee

p. 44
Come Angels! Come Beasts!
An Appreciation of Revelations by Ruben Quesada
APR Books
Spencer Reece

p. 48
Warhol’s Wig: 1986
William Lessard