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p. 3
This is what you are & Other Poems
TC Tolbert

p. 5
O Darkness & Other Poems
Danusha Laméris

p. 7
The Poetics of Wrongness, an Unapologia & Death Project [poem]
Rachel Zucker

p. 18
Climate change & Other Poems
Bob Hicok

p. 20
Nava Etshalom

p. 21
Writing from the Edge: A Poet of Two Northwests
Tess Gallagher

p. 23
Decades & José Fernandez
P. Scott Cunningham

p. 24
Poetry & Democracy
Khaled Mattawa

p. 26
The kid is letting the thread go & Other Poems
Ed Skoog

p. 28
Irène Mathieu

p. 29
We Insomniacs & For Gerald Stern at Ninety-Two
Stanley Plumly

p. 30
Slave Play & Other Poems
Malcolm Tariq

p. 31
Treasure & Other Poems
John Lee Clark

p. 32
APR Books
A Potent and Particular Landscape: On C.D. Wright’s Casting Deep Shade
Hannah Vanderhart

p. 33
Archaistic & Bananas
Peter Waldor

p. 34
3-in-1 & Simply Simvastatin
Caley O’Dwyer

p. 35
Confession & Other Poems
David Trinidad

p. 36
The Campaign & Other Poems
Michael Bazzett

p. 37
Open Carry
Ru Freeman

p. 38
Letters to Uncle Joe & Other Poems
Henry Israeli

p. 40
What the Butterfly Is Thinking
Alicia Ostriker

p. 41
APR Books
Rewiring the Gendered Gaze: A Review of Three Books
Krystal Languell

p. 44
I Am Not Trying to Hide My Hungers from the World Anymore
Kendra Decolo