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p. 4
Conversation in Long Future Time & Other Poems
Charif Shanahan

p. 6
Australopitheca & Starman
Devon Walker-Figueroa

p. 8
The Ladder to Heaven
Shane McCrae

p. 10
Mostly Just a Scream: On Capitalism and Halle Butler’s The New Me
Sarah Rose Etter

p. 12
The Rings of Saturn & Other Poems
Joanne Dominique Dwyer

p. 14
The Unclaimed & Other Poems
Nick Flynn

p. 16
Ode to Our Unnamed Moon
Mary-Alice Daniel

p. 17
APR Books
Two Reviews and a Spectral Interlude: Heredities, Flood Song, and Incantations
Todd Fredson

p. 22
Levitation & Poem Written with a Pinecone in My Hand
Timothy Donnelly

p. 23
Liz Countryman

p. 24
Big Boy Blue & Other Poems
Sharon Olds

p. 25
A Herd of Wild Elephants Matters More: Storytelling with the Tarot
Emily Carr

p. 33
Wesley Before One & Other Poems
William Kistler

p. 34
Cherries in the Snow
Carl Adamshick

p. 36
Explain This Corpse & Other Poems
Kirsten Kaschock

p. 38
Elly Bookman

p. 39
Awake in the Scratchy Dark: On Writing Whiteness
Joy Katz

p. 44
Benediction & Other Poems
Jay Hopler

p. 46
Dear Memory
Denise Duhamel

p. 47
APR Books
David Biespiel

p. 51
from Starlit
Elizabeth Treadwell

p. 52
Maggie Queeney