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p. 5
Flood the World with Beauty: An Essay and Poems
Sharon Mesmer

p. 7
Beast: How Poetry Makes Us Human
Dorothea Lasky

p. 11
Love Be a Slow-Moving Storm & Infinite Leisure Loop
Kyle Dargan

p. 12
Facial Recognition
Daniel Torday

p. 13
Vectors 5.2: PG-50 & Epilogue in Stone
James Richardson

p. 16
The Women of the Water People
Vénus Khoury-Ghata Translated by Marilyn Hacker

p. 18
Diorama (woman wearing mink and smudges) & Other Poems
Catie Rosemurgy

p. 20
Animals & Archive of Recent Uncomfortable Emotions
Kim Addonizio

p. 21
Planet & Other Poems
Stanley Plumly With a Foreword by David Baker

p. 24
Turner’s Clouds for Plumly
David Baker

p. 25
Out of Business & New Year
William Logan

p. 26
Mélange & Other Poems
Albert Goldbarth

p. 28
October 2, 2016 & Other Poems
Rachel Mennies

p. 29
Art in the Age of the Media-Industrial Complex
Alix Anne Shaw

p. 31
Phalanx Bone Shehecheyanu
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

p. 32
Small Hearts of Animals & Other Poems
Romeo Oriogun

p. 34
Knucklebones & Other Poems
Gerald Stern

p. 35
Kubota and the Poetry of Incarceration
Garrett Hongo

p. 39
The Simple Mechanics of the Evening & Blue
Michael McGriff

p. 40
Cynthia Arrieu-King