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p. 3
Alex Dimitrov

p. 6
Only Child
Kerrin Mccadden

p. 7
In the Middle of Even This: Poetry
Marianne Boruch

p. 8
Little Domestic Elegies & Love Poem
Wayne Miller

p. 9
Future Anterior & Other Poems
Philip Metres

p. 12
Chance darkened me & Other Poems
Jane Hirshfield

p. 14
Nocturna & Other Poems
Jai Hamid Bashir

p. 16
Low Status & Other Poems
Adrian Blevins

p. 18
from Portrait Before Dark
Liana Sakelliou
Translated by Aliki Barnstone

p. 20
Boats Can Take You & I Feel the Need of a Deeper Baptism
Anne Marie Macari

p. 21
A Poet’s Craft: Constraints and Definitions
Annie Finch

p. 23
Meditations on a Photograph of Historic Rail Women
Warren Longmire

p. 24
The Epic of Gilgamesh
Noelle Kocot

p. 26
Parent-Child Fencing Class
Robyn Schiff

p. 28
1999 & Other Poems
Paul Guest

p. 30
Blessing the River, Blessing for Bounty
Carey Salerno

p. 31
The Balancing Acts of Vijay Seshadri
Viplav Saini

p. 34
Agency & [To whom am I speaking? Of whom do I sing?]
Alessandra Lynch

p. 36
Stevie Edwards

p. 37
Self Portrait as Good Samaritan & Other Poems
francine j. harris

p. 38
Galaxy Filament & My Unborn Child Says to Me
Page Hill Starzinger

p. 39
Overnight & Other Poems
Jared Harél

p. 40
Catriona Wright