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p. 3
Until the Sea Closed Over Us and the Light Was Gone
Jenny Browne

p. 6
Coded Messages (Architecture 2) & Other Poems
John Gallaher

p. 8
Not Enough Beds
Mark Doty

p. 9
The End of Fair Weather & Other Poems
Cassie Donish

p. 10
I Would Prefer to Die Ahead of You
Dilruba Ahmed

p. 11
The Trouble Gene
Marianne Boruch

p. 14
Collins Ferry Landing
Vijay Seshadri

p. 16
Cold Water and Cut Dough
Danelle Lejeune

p. 17
Matthew Otremba

p. 22
I Took the Drugs & Harvest
Hadara Bar-Nadav

p. 23
Everything & Other Poems
Annelyse Gelman

p. 24
City & Other Poems
Sean Singer

p. 25
APR Books
The Poetry of Earth Is a Ninety-Year-Old Woman: An Appreciation of The Galleons by Rick Barot
Spencer Reece

p. 27
Noah Warren

p. 28
Foreign Bodies & After the Wake
Faylita Hicks

p. 30
Grady Chambers

p. 31
The Dug Up Gun Museum & Portrait of America as a Friday the 13th Flashlight Tour of the Winchester Mystery House
Matt Donovan

p. 35
Celestial-: On the Topic of Unloving
Matthew Draughter

p. 36
A Marble Run for the Lights & A Marble Run for This Finite Earth
Kayleb Rae Candrilli

p. 38
Old Stranger & Whisper Not
Joan Larkin

p. 39
The Beginning of the Beginning & Other Poems
Phuong T. Vuong

p. 40
A Candle in the Night
Nathan Spoon