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p. 3
Declaration of Interdependence & Other Poems
Rita Dove

p. 4
Mountain Time
Kazim Ali

p. 7
I Gave Birth in Another Era & Other Poems
Sandra Simonds

p. 10
A Primer on Listening for Bird Species in Lady Bird Johnson Grove, CA
Matthew Minicucci

p. 11
Headphone Masterpieces: On Gil Scott-Heron’s Winter in America
John Morrison

p. 13
Eating Wasps & Figure of a Comet in the Bayeux Tapestry
Amy Beeder

p. 14
The Moon & The Caves
Campbell Mcgrath

p. 16
Lynn Melnick

p. 20
[My earliest memory is telling myself stories without] & Other Sonnets
Diane Seuss

p. 21
How Simultaneous We Are: An Appreciation of Kimberly Grey
Spencer Reece
APR Books

p. 23
Ouroboros Essay
Beth Bachmann

p. 26
Barefoot & Other Poems
Danusha Laméris

p. 28
In the Beginning
Lourdes Heuer

p. 29
Appropriation as Racial Hoax
Paisley Rekdal

p. 34
Pantoum with Trombone Player & Elegy
Marilyn Hacker

p. 36
from Born [My oars fail me.] & from Born [Welcome:]
Fritz Ward

p. 37
Notes from the Wilderness: An Interview with Philip Metres
Karthik Purushothaman

p. 40
Lest I Forget Thee
Gerald Stern