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p. 4
from Trading Riffs to Slay Monsters
Yusef Komunyakaa and Laren McClung

p. 6
It Has Them Within Itself as an Image in a Mirror
Gina Franco

p. 7
Machine Religion & The Introvert’s Lament
Jennifer Militello

p. 9
The Zuihitsu and the Toadstool
Kimiko Hahn

p. 12
For the Willows to Bless & Weaving
Eleanor Wilner

p. 13
My New Boss Has Been Thinking a Lot about Time
Erin Adair-Hodges

p. 14
Going (Guest House) & Crossing
C. X. Hua

p. 15
After Another Low Cut Fade Before the Quarantine
Rodrick Minor

p. 16
Another Year Came & Other Poems
Victoria Chang

p. 17
“A Letter Written in Red Juice”: A Review of Norma Jeane Baker of Troy by Anne Carson
Reviewed by Katie Berta
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p. 19
Prince Reading Toni Morrison 1987 / Toni Morrison Dancing to Prince 1974
Tariq Thompson

p. 20
Sarah Gridley

p. 24
Given & Into the City, I Become Become
Luther Hughes

p. 25
Language Does Not Serve Us All. So What Will?: Stillness and Recognition in Taylor Johnson’s Inheritance
Asa Drake
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p. 26
Years, the Woods Felt Foreign Here
Rose Mclarney

p. 27
For Linda Tirado
Bethany Schneider

p. 28
2700 BCE & Other Poems: From Us from Nothing, a Lyrical History
Geoff Bouvier

p. 30
Great Things from the Department of Transportation & The First Number Will Be a Blues
Sommer Browning

p. 32
for all the times i wanted to give up on myself & Other Poems
Amy Saul-Zerby

p. 34
I Want to Wear the Crown & What Does the X Mark?
Leah Umansky

p. 35
Decentral America: The Poetry of Sheila Maldonado—An Appreciation of that’s what you get
Spencer Reece
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p. 38
Dragphrasis: Alexis Mateo Calls Home the Troops with a Death Drop
Tarik Dobbs

p. 40
In Memory of Jean Valentine
Donald Revell