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p. 4
The Lonely Humans & Other Poems
Jennifer Chang

p. 7
Something About John Coltrane
Roger Reeves

p. 10
When Prince Was Filipino & Learning to Slaughter
Patrick Rosal

p. 12
The Ballet & Other Poems
Dorothea Lasky

p. 14
Rage and Grief
Stephen Ira

p. 15
Too Late to Stop Now
Jenny Browne

p. 18
Michael Dumanis

p. 19
The Understanding & Other Poems
Mary Ruefle

p. 20
Poem Beginning to Sound & Other Poems
Wendy Xu

p. 22
The Hawthorn & The Monarch
Shara Lessley

p. 23
An Appreciation of Muriel Rukeyser, “St. Roach”
Edward Hirsch

p. 26
Strata & Other Poems
Blas Falconer

p. 28
The Void
Phillip B. Williams

p. 29
A Conversation
Melissa Broder & Alex Dimitrov

p. 31
Pompous Symmetry & Other Poems
Daniel Nester

p. 32
Void & Aubade on Hawk Mountain
Didi Jackson

p. 33
Diary: Six Days in October
Derrick Austin

p. 35
It’s Not You, It’s Me
Michael Bazzett

p. 37
Menu & Other Poems
Michael Bazzett

p. 38
Marble Run for the Intramuscular Cyborgs
Aeon Ginsberg

p. 40
Reminding Myself That We Are Not Remarkable
Casey Thayer