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p. 4
On Becoming & Other Poems
Kwame Dawes

p. 6
Larger Papers & Other Poems
Natalie Shapero

p. 7
White Noise, White Elegies: Race, Appetite and Performance in Frank O’Hara and Michael Dickman
Paisley Rekdal

p. 11
some of the men we love are terrorists
Aurielle Marie

p. 12
Bless Your Soup
Juliana Chang

p. 13
Four Poems
Danez Smith

p. 14
Toward a Unified Theory
Wayne Miller

p. 16
I Would Do Anything for Love, But I Won’t & I Want to Write an Epithalamium for Our Future
Traci Brimhall

p. 17
An Appreciation of Julia de Burgos, “Farewell in Welfare Island”
Edward Hirsch

p. 19
Viplav Saini

p. 20
Simile for Its Own Sake & Credits
Dara Wier

p. 22
Afternoon in the Woods & In a Dream We Both Have
Despy Boutris

p. 23
Commencement & Middle Devonian
David Baker

p. 24
The Sound of the Idea of Horses
Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué

p. 25
Wild Blue Yonder
Marianne Boruch

p. 27
Montpeyroux Sonnets 2021
Marilyn Hacker

p. 28
Five Centos after Serhiy Zhadan
Dzvinia Orlowsky

p. 30
Poem for Hotel Soaps & Poem for David Lee Roth
Dobby Gibson

p. 31
Learning from Poetic Closure
Kimiko Hahn

p. 34
Light Work & Dawn_Dusk
Abby Minor

p. 36
Wonder Bread and Speaking of Detachment
Peter Waldor

p. 37
To Make of Falling, Flight
Cate Lycurgus
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p. 39
Three Poems from Shards

p. 40
How to Hold the Heavy Weight of Now
Dana Levin