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p. 4
Bonfire Brides & Other Poems
Faylita Hicks

p. 8
The Key & Other Poems
Mary Jo Bang

p. 10
The Shadow Cast & Self-Portrait Using Three Mirrors, 2021
C. Dale Young

p. 11
“Time like a ball and elastic”: A Conversation with Hoa Nguyen
Charlotte Foreman

p. 15
The Curator of the Earth Museum Speaks of People & At 42, I Consider Becoming a Zookeeper
Catherine Pierce

p. 16
How I Stopped Praying & Poem for Ben Fama
Kathleen Ossip

p. 18
Self-Portrait as Foreign Body with Storm in My Lungs & Point to Home
Ina Cariño

p. 20
A Procedure & Other Poems
Jana Prikryl

p. 21
A History and Theory of the Line in English Language Poetry
Jason Schneiderman

p. 31
Dispellations: Wisdom Body
Anna Maria Hong

p. 32
The Fault & Other Poems
Marcela Sulak

p. 34
After Vespers (End of August) & Other Poems
Iris McCloughan

p. 36
On Kindness
Kien Lam

p. 37
On Giving Up: Its Uses and Benefits in the Writing Life
Christopher Citro

p. 40
Untitled (For Lack of Free Time) & This City Got Its Head on Backwards
Darius Simpson

p. 41
Craig Morgan Teicher

p. 44
All I Know
Paul Guest

p. 45
Devil Asks Why You Would Mouth the Word Pity
Charlie Clark

p. 46
Headphone Masterpieces: On Todd Rundgren
John Morrison

p. 48
Is Love Holographic
Mag Gabbert