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p. 4
Gratitude, 2001 & Other Poems
Victoria Chang

p. 5
On Constellation Route
Kaveh Akbar & Matthew Olzmann

p. 7
After the Masquerade & Other Poems
Beth Bachmann

p. 8
The Long Blue Dress & Other Poems
Chelsea Harlan

p. 10
Election Night & W. H. Auden’s Poem “The Fall of Rome”
Kevin Prufer

p. 12
Sarah Ghazal Ali

p. 13
Idolatry from Jersey Breaks: Becoming an American Poet
Robert Pinsky

p. 16
Time and Tide
Brian Tierney

p. 17
Daniel Defoe, Hosiery Merchant & Other Poems
Amy Beeder

p. 18
Week 10: Kumquat
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

p. 19
Saint End & A Line
Grady Chambers

p. 20
The Laws & The Garden of Earthly Delights
Eve Grubin

p. 21
Forever in the Changing Light: On Ciaran Carson’s Still Life
Fleming Meeks
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p. 27
The White Sands Motel & Other Poems
Christopher Brean Murray

p. 30
Rage Hezekiah

p. 30
Then, a Longing
Camonghne Felix

p. 31
At first these poems were their own & Other Poems
Brendan Lorber

p. 32
Top Form: A Review of Wayne Koestenbaum’s Ultramarine
Daniel Swain
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p. 33
Into the Oblivion of Motherhood: Kendra DeColo’s I Am Not Trying to Hide My Hungers from the World
Angela Voras-Hills
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p. 34
Julie R. Enszer

p. 35
Diaspora Sonnets
Oliver De La Paz

p. 36
Impossible Deer
Susan Nguyen